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November 22, 2013
by rekonstruct
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Occupy and the New Politic

The occupy movement was founded on the radical notion that our rights, our interests, and our power are derived not from the abstraction of capital or some rarefied notion of political process, but from our very presence to each other. By defining them in this way, occupy has reclaimed the ontological foundation of politics. Continue reading

October 30, 2011
by Will
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OWS & Social Media: Tech and Economic Systems

To what extent does technology belong only to the economic system that created it? Basically, I want to know what we can take with us. If this ship is sinking, what can we use to construct our lifeboat? Allow me to tip my entire hand, I want to know to what extent social media is a capitalist instrument. What role, if any, can it play in a brighter, better future? Continue reading