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Next Level Google Searches

SEOmoz has a fantastic post outlining a strategy for getting the right sites to link to your blog. While the whole piece is worth it, I want to highlight three advanced google search filters that will take your googling to the next level, no matter what you’re looking for. [You can also find these tips on google.com]. Wherever you see the term “SEARCH,” that’s where you would type what you are seeking.

If you want to search only one kind of site (blogs, forums, etc):

  • SEARCH inurl:blog, SEARCH inurl:site, SEARCH inurl:forum, etc
  • Example, how to reach bloggers inurl:blog

If you want to search for sites that have each of the words in your search within the content of the page:

  • allintext: SEARCH
  • Example, allintext: guessing game creativity

If you want to limit results to a certain domain type (e.g. edu, com, gov), domain, or exclude a certain domain. I’ll just give examples of each, using the search, “google reader hack”:

  • google reader hack site:edu
  • google reader hack site:happymortal.com
  • google reader hack -site:happymortal.com

These tricks should make your searches efficient and fruitful. Happy hunting!

For a fun google reader hack, check this reconstruct post.

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