Happy Mortal

This life, well-lived.

Snarky Grafitti


How about:

Stay home, don’t have kids

Follow underground fashion, act-wierd

Walk on the grass, read a book

Spend your money, spray illegal grafitti

Repeat after me: I am Free


Let teachers think for you, know your kids’ behavior is determined by DNA

Buy only what’s available to wear, act as everyone else

Walk where the road goes, watch regularly scheduled programming

Do what you have to to survive, you are forced to obey the law

Repeat after me: I am not free

I don’t know why I bother . . .



  1. How about:

    Realize that work does not define you, if you have kids take the time to teach them things that actually matter, make your own clothes and let them look however you feel like (or just go naked), walk more than you sit, have a conversation with someone that matters, realize that money will not buy you happiness and that it will buy you health insurance, create art before it becomes illegal and definitely after it becomes illegal.

    Screw what I say, repeat nothing that doesn’t matter and listen to yourself.

  2. See now you’ve just burst my sarcasm bubble with all of your good ideas. Naked it is.

  3. Oops. Sorry. :) We do have a few nudist resorts around here though. Just never been brave enough to go to one.

  4. No one reads graffiti?