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Out of the Closet

pierrepoint-hicks-neckties-mackers-0-150x150Over the past couple years I’ve had a growing enthusiasm for fashion.  Mostly, I’m having fun keeping up on certain trends and crafting a wardrobe that helps me explore the stories that shape my life.  Popupstorybook recently asked me why I don’t write fashion posts that showcase pieces I like.  This blog post is part of my answer: no good reason.

One of my favorite parts of preppy is the neckwear.  A while ago I discovered Pierrepont Hicks, A New York based company that makes dynamite ties and bowties.  Peirrepont Hicks is run by a couple that got into fashion to follow their dreams.  All of their products are American Made. Hot.


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  1. Hooray. Fashion posts. I am definitely pro fashion posts. :)

    I read about these guys in GQ. And the made in america thing is awesome.

  2. Nice! I didn’t know they were in GQ. I would love to see a fashion post from you too 😉

  3. Great tie. I don’t often purchase online, but this is making me rethink that.