Happy Mortal

This life, well-lived.

Existential Prices

Calcolatrice Piu Sexy Maybe it’s the economy, maybe it’s all the student loans that have somehow attached themselves to the piece of paper that says I kept going to school after I graduated college…

Maybe it’s the fact that I just turned thirty, or became a father. I’m not sure, but something has got me thinking a lot lately about what I’m worth. And I’m not just talking about the life insurance policy that I keep putting off.

Everywhere I look, it seems that I’m quantizing things. Twenty cents for the hummus I just washed down the drain. Two dollars for letting the bananas rot in the fruit bowl. Fifteen dollars, one cubit foot of waste, thirty-two minutes, forty wipes, and 1/8 tube of cream for a box full of diaper changes.

It doesn’t stop there. Units of time, Interactions, relationships, they feel more and more like sortable data.

So I can’t help but wonder, am I a quantity? Is that what my life has been reduced to? Fifity years and their corresponding earning power?

That’s what I wonder when I should be sleeping.

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  1. Though his writing is somewhat difficult to wade through, the philosopher Martin Heidegger dealt with many of the same themes in his thought. His essay “Question Concerning Technology” deals with this theme in depth, and he elaborates his opinion that this is the hallmark of technologized thinking. He makes the case that the modern frame of mind categorizes everything only in terms of it’s usefulness toward some end, and thus turns reality into what he calls a “standing reserve” (in essence a supply shed) rather than something to be experienced as an end in itself.

    I just thought I would point you toward something interesting, especially if you want a great thinker’s treatment of a dilemma you’ve found yourself in.