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The End of the World (Wide Web) as We Know It

Obama has been a disappointment to me in recent weeks. The president-of-hope has failed to have the courage to deliver a health care reform bill that matters. Most people who need health care won’t even be touched by all this moderate compromise.

And now that his top-secrety-international-copyright-treaty is leaking like the titanic all over the internet (maybe that’s why he wants to kill it), he’s putting himself in the position as the man who might kill the internet.

This is perhaps the most egregious sin that I could imagine a president committing. The world wide web is perhaps the single greatest achievement of the human race to date. Wow, did I just say that?

Project 365 #28: 280109 The Cook Principle Hyperbole aside, if this treaty passes, I see three options, all of them with big lose potential.

1. In three months time it will show itself to be completely and utterly unenforceable.
2. It gets overturned in a year by the supreme court for violating almost every intention of the bill of rights and the constitution.
3. It succeeds, and the internet as we know it dies a cruel and unusual death.

Stop the insanity folks. Pirated movies and music, DRM, and other anachronistic copyright fears are not worth the possibility of losing the single greatest platform for the freedom of speech and information, for the dissemination of knowledge network known to human being since the history of human being. Oh, and did I mention the fact that its also a nearly instant and global network for communication and business and entertainment?

Hands off folks. There are other ways to get your inner Big Brother off. ‘Nuff said.

Here’s a list of links to sites that talk about it in more detail. Please peruse before the bill is passed and all links go dead…

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If you have any other interesting links, or care to share feedback, feel free to respond.

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