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Internet Quiz: a Decade Online

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Paste Magazine has a list of what it considers the top 10 internet memes of the decade (2000-2009).  A meme in this case is anything that spread like a virus across cyberspace.  Paste’s list is pretty darn good.

So here’s the challenge.  BEFORE you go check out the list, see if you can guess which memes are included.  Then come back here and find out your internet knowledge rating.  Hint:  8 out of the 10 listed are videos.  You will do pretty well if you just think about the most popular YouTube videos.  To score “gutsy” points, leave your guesses or your rating as a comment . . .

Here’s the list


  • 0-2 correct guesses = Not John McCain (you have actually been online)
  • 2-4 correct guesses = Day Tripper (you use your computer for word processing, e-mail, and the occasional YouTube foray)
  • 5-7 correct guesses =  Bridget Jones (you, or someone you know, spends enough time online to have a blog)
  • 8-9 correct guesses = WoW Head (either a. you don’t have a demanding job; b. your work involves watching internet videos; or c. you use the internet to cast spells)
  • 10  correct guesses = CyberShiva (you control the Knights Templar, the price of gas, and make Agent Smith look like Hello Kitty)


  1. I got 5; all your base; numa numa; star wars kid; lol catz; rick roll.

    I whiffed with: leave britney alone; peanut butter jelly time; that music video on the treadmills.

  2. That’s about where I came out, except I had never heard of all your base.