Happy Mortal

This life, well-lived.


  1. Wow. I’d like to say something more profound about negative space and wilderness, but I haven’t had enough coffee yet to wax eloquent about art.

  2. As you imply, this is one of those gripping pieces of art that makes me dig deeper into my own enigmatic relationship with negative space, art and the idea of “darkness.”

    I’m hoping to do a whole write up on the show by Little Dragon I recently went to. They moved the full dance club like the tragic puppets in the above movie. Their dance beats, unexplainable power and a silky smooth sexiness cast a spell over the entire crowd. Then, during the encore, they played a couple more club romps, encouraging clapping and much hip shaking, they rolled into this song. Lead singer Yukimi Nagano encouraged the crowd, “you can still dance” and then slipped into the ballad.

    Still processing, I’m sure rekonstruct will lay down some knowledge on wilderness/negative space and that will spice up the conversation.

  3. moving. i have been moved. i am moved. did you create this?

  4. I wish! The song is Twice by Little Dragon. The music video was done for them by Swedish director Johannes Nyholm. It moves me too. Very wabi sabi.

  5. I so wish I could have been at that show. Sounds amazing. I’m looking forward to the review. When you post it you should come back and put a link to it in the comments to this blog.

  6. Girls always go for the bad boy. Which is strange because it’s the feminine that is represented by the dark and masculine is represented by the light.

  7. So in this video, all the characters are feminine. And what allows us to see them at all is the great masculine light.

  8. I was waiting on another website to publish my thoughts. That never happened, so I finally published them to my own blog. If you are so inclined, you may check them out here, and be sure to comment!