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Putting Colbert in Conservapedia Bible

Stephen Colbert Season 2 Portrait

On his Oct 7 show, Colbert reported on Conservapedia‘s project to edit liberal bias out of the Bible.  Conservapedia, which touts itself as the trustworthy version of Wikipedia, is currently posting the text of the Bible as a Wiki which anyone can edit.  The purpose of this is to solicit people to help them edit out “liberal bias,” a project which includes “using powerful new conservative terms,” such as “brinkmanship” .

In response, Colbert called his fans to edit his name into the Bible.  So that’s exactly what Rekonstruct and I did (see the picture below).  Within minutes Conservapedia had blocked our IP address, and edited the name back out, but not before we got this screen shot.  So enjoy!  And for a challenge, try to get him Colbert into the text yourself.  Cheers Stephen!



  1. Hilarious! But was that worth your ticket to heaven, really?


    An open source bible is probably one of the weirdest, not good-est ideas I have heard of.
    Thank you.

  3. I figure I’ll use the Colbert bump to get in 😉

  4. Nice moves.

    (And, way to make a blog blitz this week and catch up to rekonstruct’s blog count.)

  5. Thanks! Catch up to Rekonstruct? Oh, I guess I hadn’t noticed. I don’t pay attention to that sort of thing. (He will NEVER WIN!!!!)

  6. I love Colbert. I think he is my long lost brother. (And Transom beat me to the congratulations)

    On a slightly more serious note, doesn’t it seem like an open source bible is just another step in what protestants were trying to achieve with religion? Making it accessible and personal for everyone. Now there needs to be a liberal open source bible to balance things out.

  7. I like the idea that open source Bible is another step in the devaluing of tradition. It’s definitely a Protestant move, but I think we should also point the finger at the “englightenment.”