Happy Mortal

This life, well-lived.

Palin’ in Comparison

Sarah's Sacrifice Everywhere I look it’s Sarah Palin. You’d think that I could see Alaska from my front porch or something. She’s everywhere. Headlines crowd in on my otherwise happy brain. Is she stepping down for ethics violations? Does she finally realize how incompetent she is? Or, horror of horrors, is she prepping for a 2012 presidential bid? Perhaps that’s why the Mayans saw fit to end their calendar in that year…

A few days ago I made the mistake of reading her official exit letter. It re-confirmed everything. Eight months ago she was last ditch attempt to rejuvenate a dead and dying ticket with breasts and a toothy grin.  Today she’s as much a moron, but more clearly a failure. If you doubt her failure, listen to her words. This is from www.sarahpac.com just after she has argued that she wants what’s best for Alaska: “I promised efficiencies and effectiveness! ? That’s not how I am wired.” I think we all get that, Sarah. We know that whatever you’re up to it’s not “politics as usual.” Maybe that’s why you’re so intent on taking the power of the government and putting in the hands of the private sector “where it belongs.” Interesting language from an elected official.

Evidently even she’s aware that Alaska is better off without her politics. Why is the media inundating us with this crap? Instead of plastering the walls with her failures why not speak more about Obama’s success? Although I suppose it’s understandable. For eight years the only stories coming out the oval office killed our appetite for presidential news. No longer. Obama seems to have as many hands as the Hecatonchires: Russia, GM, Health Care, Gitmo, Iran, Afghanistan. I know, reporters, it’s hard to keep up. But at least give it the old college try.

We’ve had enough of Sarah to last a lifetime. Save us the trouble by writing about the success of the winner, rather than the failings of the loser. Thanks.