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The Global Mind: Twitter


With all of the excellent discussions taking place on the site concerning human interaction with cybertechnology, I thought I would share this video from Rocket Boom.  [See also the discussion on how cyber-immortality is no longer sexy and the discussion on Kurzweil’s singularity and our attitudes toward the human-cyber meld].  The Rocket Boom vid is a good introduction for those unfamiliar with Twitter and offers a good description of Twitter’s unique capabilities by comparing it to a worldwide mind.  I have to admit the video both freaked me out a bit (think big Brother) and excited me (think having the powers of Hermes).  Take a gander and tell me what you think of Twitter as a global mind . . .



  1. I started off expecting to be a bit bored by the video, but it was quite an insightful take on the overlapping interests of Twitter, Google and Facebook. Nice find.

    Let me counter with this TED Talks video of Twitter founder Evan Williams talking about his zen approach (going with the flow) to product vision and development, and Twitter’s surprising and ambitious move into search.

  2. I enjoyed Williams talk. It inspired me to listen to my hunches. On that note, I will see your TED Talk and raise you an article from New Europe about Twitter’s uses as a reporting device (and/or propaganda tool) during a major crisis.

  3. It’s interesting that Twitter, with such a simple service has become so influential. It’s hard for me to see why it’s better for journalism than a blogging platform. For example, WordPress allows micro posts which can be published from your cell phone, and is instantly indexed and published with rss feeds, but also allows images and videos, tags and categories, and more lengthy posts when called for.

    Am I missing something?

  4. That’s a good question. Does WordPress have analogous search capabilities? Perhaps Twitter just seems easier when you are under duress.

  5. I think twitter is used for journalism more because it is the closest thing to a pre-edited sound byte or quote. A blog can take five or more minutes to read and there may be nothing of value. But a twitter only takes seconds to read, often times are funny and are displayed quickly and often in direct response to an occurrence.

  6. There is no requirement that a WordPress post be several paragraphs long. One could arbitrarily choose to blog in 140 character “sound bytes” on WordPress or any of the other blogging platforms.