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Prego Diary #1

My name is Laurda, and I’m pregnant. Nearing the end of my first trimester feels like one of the biggest triumphs of my life. Although, instead of triumphantly getting rid of an addiction, I have a new one. My body has been taken over by a little creature who is sucking every ounce of energy, and anything good from my once quite productive body. Work? Nah. Food? Fertility Goddess Statuette Yuck. Lovin’? Not now. Coffee (sweet drug of mine)? Not for another year. Here’s where the addiction part comes into play. I can’t think of anything but my crazy body, and the little one that’s bouncing around my womb. Creating a new life is all-consuming, and did I mention crazy!? I must admit, I’ve inherited some anxiety from numerous family members, but have never before been so consumed by something…except when I met my husband. My friends and family probably thought I was lost to the entangling web of love for good. Although, after a few months of nothing but me and my man, I emerged from my love coccoon and entered the world again, virtually unscathed.  Now, I feel like I have lost myself to myself,  and have no idea what life is going to be like on the other side. I say ‘lost myself to myself’ because this new person is inside of me. Can’t survive apart from me. So, right now as I write this blog, I’m creating someone. Hopefully someone who’s terribly interesting, smart, funny, talented and cute. We’ll see. In six months we’ll meet this new person and chances are, this new creature is going to bring far more anxiety than I ever knew possible. Oh well. Time to chill and let my body do what it’s made to do. Create.


  1. Congrats! What is that like?

  2. Sorry, I totally spaced and just replied to the preview of your blog without reading the post! Let’s blame it on jet lag.

    Pregnancy sounds crazy! I am sure that the person you are creating will be amazing, and it is lucky to have someone who thinks of it so often. Congrats on completing your first trimester. I wonder how the next two will be different/similar.

  3. Wow! That sounds pretty wild. It blows my mind is that someday you’ll be able to have a conversation with whoever is IN YOUR BELLY right now. Maybe he/she will even be taller than you (that’s so weird). I have no doubt that whoever you are currently creating will be terribly interesting.

  4. awesome! i’m very excited for you!!!!

  5. Best pregnancy blog post I’ve ever read, and I bet that would be true even if it wasn’t the first pregnancy blog post that I’ve ever read.

    I hope each 1/3 is better than the last.

  6. Nice pic by the way.

  7. And so it begins.

    As a veteran parent, I have a sincere appreciation for the ways in which your pregnancy is a foreshadowing of your life-with-child. Gathering from your essay, it seems that instinct to protect and nurture has already kicked in. How wonderful!

    My own experience as a parent has been a balancing act: taking care of others, and taking care of myself. It is a difficult balance, not to be made light of, but one that I strive for excellence in. I have a tendency to take care of the little ones fairly well, and do a shabby job of caring for myself. However- if we parents don’t take care of ourselves, how well can we take care of anyone else? I used to think it was crazy that the airplane oxygen mask instructions told parents that they should put the mask on before assisting kids with theirs. I totally get it now.