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Latest Music Mashup: Illinoize

Sufjan Stevens @ Town Hall Night #3

It seems like most of the worthwhile music mashups that have hit my ears in the past year have involved Radiohead (e.g. Minty Fresh’s mashup of Jay-Z and Radiohead, Jadiohead).  Touché.  Why mashup with mortals when you can mashup with gods?

But recently a friend introduced me to DJ Tor’s mashup of Sufjan Stevens and various hip hop artists (Aesop Rock, Outcast, Grand Puba, etc).  It’s called Illinoize.  Touché.  If you don’t mashup with gods, you might as well mashup with an angel.  You can download both the instrumentals and the regular tracks in either MP3 or CD quality files here.  Take a listen and tell me what you think.

Me?  After couple of cursory listens I can say that this new mash is bangin.  For another more extensive but equally glowing review check out what The Wounded Messenger.

With all this co-mingling, I have to ask:  What are the best and worst music mashups that you can imagine?


  1. I didn’t have to imagine it! The worst matchup ever was Nelly and Tim McGraw. Terrible song and both looked liked DBs standing next to each other. Check it out!

  2. This is lovely.

  3. Sweet mother! That is terrible. You can check the train wreck here.

  4. my ears just arched, curled up, and relaxed in multiple and giant jadiohead eargasm after eargasm!


  5. I have a picture of you lounging on a couch with cigarettes coming out of your ears.