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DIY and The Recession: Inspiration from Wooster

Timber Cabinet

I have been trying to ignore the recession.  But my bank account never goes along with my tactics.  The news isn’t helping.  I subscribe to NPR, BBC, and Al Jazeera English on google reader and all of their pieces on the economy just give me the willies.  Yet today I found something different.

Marc and Sara of Wooster Collective, my favorite street art site, have started to sell books:  small editions, self-published works, and books that “have not received the attention they deserved.”  They’ve made this move because many of the types of bookstores that carry such works are going under or commercial in order to survive the recession.  In Marc’s own words:

So this year, knowing that times are tough not just in the United States but in cities around the world, Sara and I are more committed than ever to use the Wooster site and the audience we have to showcase less expensive works that we (and the people who made them) are sincerely passionate about. Things that are truly special.

This is the type of story that gives me the chutzpah to face the recession in my own little corner.  Not because it necessarily helps increase the numbers in my bank account, but because it embodies some of the local principles I think we will need as we move forward:  sharing resources and DIY (Do It Yourself).  In fact, Public Phenomena, the first book sold on Wooster appropriately showcases “modifications and inventions that people create in public space.”

I am glad I stumbled on this bit of inspiration today.  Have you found anything that inspires you as we recess?

P.S.  For a great list of DIY projects check out these blogs at lifehacker.


  1. Truly, I have yet to be inspired in the midst of the recession. I try to keep out of the know about the stats and scares. All I know is that managers are dropping left and right at work, but rich South Pasadenians (Pasadenites? Pasadenans?) still eat out and think the world is out to serve them. Consequently, I have a job!

  2. Thank goodness for South Pasadenians! Even when I try to keep away from the stats and scares they somehow find me, and succeed in scaring me. And the scary thing about fear is that it makes people agree to the craziest things!