Happy Mortal

This life, well-lived.

Hug or Be Hugged

with open arms Home for the Holidays means a lot of things, some good some not so good. One of the best … HUGS! A busy, single, young professional, I usually get nowhere near the recommended 8 hugs per day. I’ll be honest I probably don’t get 8 per week.  And so especially on the heels of a month and a half of 80+ hour weeks in the hospital and 20-30 hours/week studying outside the hospital, the hugs of home were more than welcomed! I learned somewhere that the best hugs are double hugs. A hearty hug cheek-to-cheek on the right followed by a hearty hug cheek-to-cheek on the left. It’s supposed to be more balanced – a more complete meeting of the loved-ones’ energies. I must admit I’ve only tried it a couple times, but I can tell you it felt good. This holiday season I didn’t snag any double hugs per se, but here were some of my hugging highlights …

There were the daily mom hugs, the I-haven’t-seen-you-in-forever-good-buddy hugs, the “little” brother tacklings because he secretly wants to give me 4 hugs a day himself hugs, the sister hugs were few, but very appreciated, the long-lost friend I meet in the airport when the flight was delayed hugs, the cousin hugs, the grandparent hugs are out of this world, the new friends made on New Year’s Eve hugs were pleasantly cautious, the crazy dog I was pet sitting definitely bounded more than hugged, but I say it counts, the best friends’ moms’ hugs were totally a bonus, and then at trip’s end, the welcome back to Seattle hugs to top it all off. All in all, it was a fabulous Holiday of Hugs for this tired student.

How did your holiday season rate on the hug-o-meter?


  1. What about log-distance hugs? Do they count? Because here’s one: 😐 😯 :)

    (That was my first use of emoticons ever)

  2. Hugs! I got some good hugging in this holiday season: some top-notch Mom hugs, some friend hugs, and some kitty hugs. I will definitely have to try that double-hug action. What is it about a hug that we love? Part of it for me is the sheer physicality. We look a lot but we touch a lot less. It feels good to be physically embraced.

  3. Hugs make me ambivalent. Some hugs drain me. Other hugs make me feel like everything will be okay.

  4. I used to pride myself on my hugging abilities, but over the last couple years I have often found hugging to be rather awkward. I think I’ve built some walls.