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Avocados V Bananas

patterns in nature

I pulled my half-eaten Chipotle burrito out of the fridge, threw it into the microwave, and then stared into its depths.  It was a veggie.  Amidst the corn salsa, black beans, and lime rice, I noticed a brown-black substance mushed against the tortilla:  the guacamole.

Of course!  Avocados turn brown if you don’t give them a citrus bath.  Then it dawned on me–avocados are just like bananas.

“But avocados have huge pits and they are not long and yellow!”

Thanks.  Let’s stay blinded by the obvious.  “No worries Morpheus, I’ll just have that blue pill, please, and a cup of warm soy milk.”  Sure there are some surface differences between bananas and avocados, but lets expand our minds.  First, both avocados and bananas have similar consistencies.  Next time you have an under-ripe avocado, close your eyes, take a bite, and imagine it was an under-ripe banana.  Spooky, no?  Second, both B’s and A’s go from green to yellowish to brown.  Finally, both are both good sources of potassium.  Case closed.

Or is it?  I love Avocados and loath bananas.  So how does that work?  Is it that their differences overcome their similarities?  Or is it that love and hate have more similarities than differences?  Why do I loathe 24 and love The Wire?



  1. Good Questions. Why do we decide to hate some things, and love other things that seem no more or less worthy?

    It brings to mind a scene in Milan Kundera’s Immortality: A character declares to strangers that she loves hot saunas, adores pride, hates modesty, loves cold showers, and hates hot showers.

    With these five strokes she had drawn her self-portrait, with these five points she defined herself and… belligerently. She used passionate verbs… as if she wished to proclaim her readiness to fight for every one of those five strokes… to the point of life and death. Because only in this way can we regard ourselves not merely as a variant of a human prototype, but as a being with its own irreplaceable essence.

  2. I like that quote. Preference makes sense to me in terms of self-identity. Why do I shop at Urban Outfitters instead of gap? Because I am constructing a specific identity. I am consuming to sketch myself.