Happy Mortal

This life, well-lived.

12 Fresh Holiday Links

Christmas Bokeh 2

X-mas Music: so hip even Santa will feel intimidated (free downloads).

  • Sufjan Steven’s new X-mas album
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs, All I Want for Christmas
  • Chairs, O Come O Come Emmanuel

Snow-Art: what’s a little frostbite when you are making a statement?

Hot Products: these people are actually changing the world in a good way.

  • DIY glasses for the world’s underprivileged
  • Julie Floersch quilts

Holiday Secrets: Ssssssshhhhhh!!!!

Extreme Consumerism: weep and cackle.

  • NORAD and Google Earth’s Santa Tracker (“Mommy, it shows that Santa is in Sudan now! What kind of presents is he leaving there?”)
  • Natalie Dylan auctions off her virginity

Christmas Bokeh 1


  1. Thanks for this holiday goodness!

  2. Cheers.