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National Boss s Day 2008 (Guilt Be Gone!)

Left Hand Bear, Oglala Sioux chief, 1899

Tomorrow, Oct. 16, 2008, is National Boss Day. Contrary to some, I do not have a problem with every other day being made into a “holiday”–Father’s Day, National Grouch Day, Buy Nothing Day, Fish Amnesty Day, RSS Awareness Day, etc. For one, these days help me to remember the existence of certain entities that I might otherwise neglect. I tend towards forgetfulness and solipsism, so if I do not get reminded, I start thinking that the universe consists of me, my wife, hummus, and the magic of the internets.

Also, when someone (or something) has its own day, you can remember that he or she exists just long enough to give it/him/her/they a tip of your hat . . . before forgetting again. A day is just long enough to let you honor someone/something, but not so long that you start to get tired of it. It’s like Brahman waking up just long enough to realize that he is drooling on his lotus. He wipes it up, then goes back to his dream. Take Mother’s Day, it gives you 24 hrs to say, “Mom I love you and appreciate you, and I am so sorry that we treat you like a maid/never call you/stole money from your purse/made fun of your jeans–you are special.” Boom. Mater says, “te abslovo,” you feel better, and you can go back to taking her for granted.

Bosses may not be easy to forget, but they too deserve a bit of patronage. So take the opportunity tomorrow to remember that your boss is (likely) human, that he/she/you has a Mother, and that sucking-up generally does wonders in the workplace. Think of it as your own personal indulgence. If you are nice to your boss tomorrow, you can spend the other 364 days making fun of him or her in the copy room, without the guilt. Yeah, holidays are the diet cola that makes you feel good about that Big Mack and large fries. So use National Boss Day to take your supervisor to lunch, then forget the whole thing ever happened.

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