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Election Night Games!


On election night, my friends and I are having a little get together as we watch the U.S. turn blue and red. But what to do while we watch? Here are five election night games I cooked up to mitigate the boring/terrifying/joyful hooplah that is Nov 4.

Pin the Flag Pin on Barack Obama

For this you will need a good size picture of Barack (or a life-size cutout), little paper flags with tacks piercing each one, and a blind fold. You play this just like Pin The tail on the Donkey, but you have to pin the flag on Obama’s lapel. We are going to make you patriotic one way or another buddy!

Joe the Plumber Edition: For a wild variation, place a plunger on the ground (handle up) and have the blindfolded person put their head on the handle and spin around the plunger 8 times before they try for the pin.

Truth or McCain
We’ve all heard John say that he “can do” just about anything, including catching Osama Bin Laden. In honor of his prowess, play a game of truth or dare, but say “McCain” instead of “dare.” Trust me, it’s way more fun than it sounds.

USA Twister
Make a large map of the U.S. on butcher paper. Write the names of the 50 states on slips of paper, along with a specific hand or foot with each state (e.g. “Right hand, New Hampshire). Two people play twister on the map, while a third pulls directions from the hat. Don’t forget to include Hawaii and Alaska–they are a stretch in more ways than one!

As American As Apple Pie
You will need Apple Pie for this one.

Watch for the following occurrences:

  • A pundit interrupts another pundit.
  • A state’s color switches from blue to red or vice versa.
  • A network interrupts its regular coverage for any kind of breaking or special coverage.
  • A network claims coverage superiority, such as “Your News Source” or “No bias, no bull.”

When any one of these happens everyone has to eat a small piece of pie (or drink a glass of milk, or remove an article of clothing). Whoever lasts the longest is the winner (?)!

Pundit Dub
This is my personal favorite. Divide into teams of two. Mute the sound on the TV. Each team takes 2-5 min turns dubbing for the pundits on the screen. Whichever team comes up with the best dialogue wins a prize (I suggest a patriotic hat or some American Flag Pants).

Have a great election night! And most importantly, have fun with good food, friends, conversations, and the above games. After all, isn’t the government theoretically there to give us the space for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?


  1. Love the pundit dub!

  2. Two thumbs up on the pundit dub!

  3. Pundit Dub is a deserving crowd favorite.

    I would also like to throw in another (a)politically correct option:

    Table Mountain Gamble

    Everyone bets money (you choose the buy-in amount and currency) on a number of things, ranging from swing state outcomes, to the spread between number of times Michelle Obama is on screen compared to Cindy McCain, to what celebrity will go “Kanye” on us and let loose on live television, to the next Joe-the-“….”.
    Enjoy the game with everyone’s favorite domestic beer, Corona.
    What’s more American than drinking beer and gambling in the face of impending doom?